Smoker grill combo is a versatile appliance that you can use for multiple purposes. It saves space and money because you’ll use one practical unit to cook different delicious recipes. This combo will have two cooking chambers; one for grilling and one for smoking. It can be powered by gas, charcoal, pellet wood or electricity. You can either cook using direct heat from the fire or let the heat slowly cook your meat, poultry or pork, retaining all the juices. This is a cost-efficient option because you’re paying for one appliance instead of two

Currently, there are many selections of smoker grills combo. The best smoker grill combo should have vital accessories. Maybe you can not find a smoker that includes all the accessories. But it is important that you pick a model with most of the features.

Our guide will provide valuable information about how to choose the right one based on your needs. To guarantee that you’re buying the best smoker grill combo that would cater to your needs, there are a few factors to take into consideration.

  • Weight: If you don’t plan on packing your smoker grill combo for a camping trip, then weight shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Size: If you don’t have much space, then buying a compact combo is the smart thing to do. A compact combo will save a lot of space in your patio or backyard and can be easily packed for a camping trip.
  • Cooking Surface: How many people do you usually cook for? A bigger cooking surface won’t limit your options because you’ll be able to prepare several dishes at the same time. Some models feature a versatile cooking surface that can be divided to cook several items on top of each other. A side tray is practical because it will hold your sauces and cooking utensils for you to be able to prepare your meat, add the necessary sauces and marinate and also have enough space for you to present your meat too so that you don’t have to make frantic trips to and from the kitchen looking for serving plates.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning your unit a breeze if there’s an ash cleanout system. Some models feature a drip tray to collect grease so you don’t have to spend hours scraping the surface. Porcelain-coated interiors are easy to clean and food won’t get stuck on them to keep your unit healthy and ready for use. If you need an easy-to-clean model, choose stainless steel grates
  • Materials: The type of material and thickness is critical. Most smoker grills combo have cooking grates made of carbon-coated steel which tends to rust over time. If you live in a humid place, consider a stainless steel smoker grill combo, aluminum, or enamel-coated options.
  • Temperature Range and Controls: Make sure you understand how to control the smoker grills combo temperature before making a purchase. The perfect smoker grill will have a temperature gauge on the front which will help you keep an eye on the heat level. This is far better than having to faff around looking for separate temperature gauges and trying to attach them to your combo.
  • Grilling Space: Do your barbecues involve a large crowd or just a small dinner for your family? With a large family, choose the large grills and smokers. But for a small-sized family, you’d be better off with a small grill smoker combo.
  • Warranty: A smoker grill combo with a long term warranty is worth your money. The warranty reflects the quality of the product.
  • Type: Charcoal-operated units are affordable and straightforward to use. However, cleaning a char griller smoker isn’t that easy. Propane or gas models are user-friendly and provide great temperature control. Pellet combos are cleaner to use and allow you to enjoy the hardwood flavor. These models are usually more expensive because they heat up fast and require little maintenance.

4 types of smoker grill combo:

  • Propane grill smoker combo: A propane charcoal smoker grill combo is a common unit which provides a decent smoking and grilling ability thanks to propane gas produces. They are user-friendly and easy to clean because no ashes are produced. However, natural gas smoker grill combo may not give you a desirable food flavor hardwood pellet device gives. You can improve the flavor by choosing a propane grill and wood smoker combo.
  • Best charcoal grill smoker combo: A gas charcoal smoker combo grill is the most popular type that features a portable design. It is the perfect option for camping and tailgating. Nonetheless, it suits only a small family and not a large group of people. The other drawbacks include difficulty in cleaning the ashes and temperature control unless it has a built-in thermometer.
  • Pellet smoker grill combo: You need a bigger budget if you are considering wood-burning grills and smokers because they don’t come cheap. These pricey units feature an auger and a digital fan which helps stabilize the temperature. Some models come with propane sear boxes that lock in the wood flavor of the food.
  • Best electric smoker grill combo: An electric smoker grill combo gives a much different grilling experience than other smoker types. Electricity is convenient but doesn’t give an authentic smoky flavor that most BBQ buffs seek. With an electric model, you only need to flick a switch to get started and there is no fuel residue is left for you to clean.

So when you go to choose your smoker grill combo, don’t just concentrate on the price tag, as there are many specifications for you to consider that will make your life a lot easier. These specifications can turn your average family BBQ into “the” BBQ of the summer.

Now that you know the rules to follow when purchasing the best smoker grill combo, you’re ready to start shopping. Find the best smoker grill combo for you now.

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